An Introduction

The intention is to use this site to discuss adventures and musings as they relate to the world of crypto-currencies. It will be heavily focused on security but other topics such as technological advances, usability, (biased) speculation, and current events will likely make their way into the texts as well.

Genesis The origin of something

Bloc Parties sharing a common purpose

A little about me

This site is beginning with a single contributor, but hopefully this will change over time. Until then, it is just my own antics you will read about.

My background is in Information Security, with an unhealthy obsession for data.

An issue of names

This site is not affiliated with the popular Bitcoin news and analysis site known as The Genesis Block. No imitation is intended.

Opinions and Advice

All opinions written within this site are that of the author only and may not reflect the opinions of any affiliated companies and organizations.

Any suggestions, tests, examples and advice offered are best assumed wrong and dangerous. Use them at your own risk.